Friday, April 9, 2010

To button or not to button?

Here is my finished jacket! Yay! I really love it! I decided on buttons buttons, everywhere buttons. I worry it is a little much, but it just seemed right when I was sewing them on! I definitely want the four down the front, but what about the pocket ones? Are they too much? I started with the bottom two pocket flap buttons, but it didn't seem balanced, so I added on the top ones.

I think it might be a little busy over the jersey dress (which is one of my outfits for the mini-wardrobe contest) but I do like how it looks over a solid color.

Thoughts?!  :)


  1. Hi, I followed your link from; just wanted to let you know how great your jacket looks! I've seen the pattern before with the ribbons but I think I prefer the buttons.
    For myself I would probably have left off the ones for the top pockets. But the jackets looks perfect on you as it is so why mess with perfection! ;)

  2. I think it looks great - WITH all those buttons! Looks like the perfect jacket for hot summer days when you pop in and out of arctic cold air conditioned places. Congrats on finishing it - you did alot of nice detail work on it.

  3. All of those buttons complete the "LOOK!"

  4. What fun to see and read your review on Simplicity 2443, as I just bought that pattern a couple of days ago. You did a great job and it looks very chic on you. Good job! Oh ...and all the dresses you do for your daughter are just darling, as is she. Continue to have fun sewing, and I will continue to enjoy your blog.