Friday, April 2, 2010

The one armed burlap

So the other day I made my first muslin of my jacket......(for my non-sewing friends- a muslin is like a practice run of a piece using either actual MUSLIN fabric, or just some cheap fabric, or even nasty fabric that may or may not have been given to you)...hehehe. So anyway, as you can see below, my muslin is nasty puke brown, and has one sleeve. It's really lovely. ;) There are going to be other details on this, and I fixed the fit, btw- that is the point of a muslin!!!!!! Anyway, I had Bill help me with taking pictures of myself in it, and he obliged, being the nice hubby he is (okay, he might have complained a little.) He didn't even ASK what I was making....he just goes about following my orders. I asked him if he knew what I was making and he says "what is that called, a burlap or something?" So from now on, I shall refer to a muslin as a "burlap" it!

Don't be scared. My jacket will be cute :)

PS: One should not be wearing sports bra when adjusting fit...DUH


  1. Hi Kristin - congratulations on your burlap muslin! I'm looking forward to seeing the jacket - I'm sure it will be cute.

  2. you're doing great. Did you have any fitting issues? It looks so easy on "Sewing with Nancy,"
    just move your ruler this way, or draw a line over here......

  3. Yeah- I fixed the front darts, though they get covered up by pockets anyway! The back is a little puffy, so I am going to try to either get rid of some fabric in my center seam, or add in some darts. I have to play with the muslin a little more! :)