Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally found my repurpose!

AHHHHHH--- after a few BUSY weeks, I finally got to sew again. I am in a much better mood...not sure if it's because the end of the college semester is over, or because I created something! Probably a bit of both!

Here are the baby bibs I made out of recycled jeans (see tutorial link in my previous post!) These were SUPER easy and fun to make...The baby I made these for has a Snoopy themed nursery, and when I saw this Snoopy flannel I couldn't resist. I originally planned to use it just for a taggy blanket (pic below), but stumbled upon the bib tutorial and realized I had enough leftover for them. I loved the whole "design" process  and it was fun to pick out the ribbon, etc and do the appliques.

In a nutshell- I just decorated/sewed the fronts, used the printed flannel for the back, added velcro closures, sewed right side together (left space to turn), and used a decorative topstitch to close the hole! FUN, and too cute if I do say so myself!!! :) See tutorial posted in earlier link for more details and the bib  pattern (FREE!)

                                                                             The front:
The back (or front, they really are reversible!):

Here is the taggy blanket! Together I think this makes a CUTE and FUN gift! :) I love giving handmade things, and wish I always had time to do's a goal though!

I LOVE making things for babies and new moms....I didn't sew when I had Kara, but hopefully can have a BLAST when it's time for #2...tick, tick, tick....;)

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Repurposing with a purpose!

I turned some jeans into shorts the other day and was about to throw away the denim legs, when I thought STOP! I knEW I could do something with I googled and found this:

Those cute denim bibs are made from old jeans! (BTW: The tutorial is here: Denim Bib tutorial)

I MUST make these...especially since I have several friends with new babies and babies on the way!

I want to get better at using my sewing skills to repurpose. I like the idea of using Kara's outgrown clothes to produce new ones.....! I have one pair of her jeans that are too short in my project pile....I'm thinking shorts with maybe some ribbon or ric rac around the bottom? I have some shirts of MINE that are too short...but not sure what I can do with those? There's always Goodwill...but ...but....but....

What are your repurposing ideas?