Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I made these outfits!!!!!

So today Bill played "Olan Mills" and took some photos of me! I felt like a model- ha. Not. ever. Anyway, these are the 4 items (that make 4 outfits) I made for the Mini-Wardrobe contest over on Patternreview.com. I am super proud! Tell me what you think! :)

I may write more about these later, but for now I need to enter my outfits!!!!!! 
You can read my pattern reviews here:


  1. :) These are really cute!! And you look Gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. All of these are awesome!
    I believe the jacket goes best w/the skirt/top
    Maybe pick up one of the colors in the dress....aqua, pink, even black for a cardigan type jacket
    I'm thinking that the jacket by itself stands out, same w/the dress, so the two combined don't do justice for ea. other....does this make sense?
    Great job on both!! Kudos to Krisin!!

  3. Kudos to Kristin!!

  4. Totally makes sense! I was worried once I made the jacket that it would be too busy for the dress, but it is okay :) I'd probably wear a black shrug before I wore this, but hey, it's an option :)

  5. Everything is so lovely! The dress is still my favorite. The jacket/skirt/shirt combo works really well too. I'm glad to have found your blog via this contest! Good luck!

  6. I really like your mini wardrobe, and I really like your blog, too! I will be following you now! I am an avid sewer as well, though I am just now adventuring into garment construction. Your clothes inspires me!