Sunday, April 18, 2010

Velveteen musings

Yoyo, blog reading peeps!!!!! Well, my newest project is a lined chocolate brown velveteen blazer, also for a contest. I like the challenge and sewing along (virtually) with others- so fun! Completing short term projects with deadlines really feels good. Maybe I miss being in school after all! Ha!

Anyway, I am using Simplicity 2728. It was so hard to decide on a pattern, but this will help me learn a little about fitting a jacket, but still has some nice details.  I will be making the view to the right....but with full length sleeves with these adorable ruffles on the bottom of the sleeves.

When I wrote on the Patternreview message board that I was using velveteen, I got lots of advice and warnings about sewing this type of fabric. I did hesitate slightly and wonder if I am making a bad choice, but really, how will I learn if I don't try new things? If I fail, I fail, and I learn something. If I succeed, I will have a really cute blazer! :) I bought some gorgeous teal lining fabric that I think will be divine with the chocolate brown, but then I saw this charmeuse:

Sooooo not what I'd usually wear, but it sort of calls to me. I am WAY too shy to wear this on the outside, but it would be such a fun lining. We'll see. I REALLY need to stop spending $ on fabric! This is a problem. :) I feel like Julie on Julie and Julia...she bought food, I buy fabric. She cooked after a hard day, I sew. It DOES make it all better, and sewing is much less fattening ;)


  1. I loooove that charmeuse!! Linings are a fun way to express your wild side, without worrying the neighbors. I love it!

  2. You go girl! Love it! :) Good luck with something new.

  3. Zebra stipe? Lining? This is the best idea I've seen all day!

  4. haha, well, I ordered it! :) We'll see!!!!!!!!!