Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Picking the right dress!?

Sewwwwwwwwwww (haha, I crack myelf up), I want to enter the latest PatternReview.com sewing contest ,which is "Sewing For Children." Right up my alley! I am not thinking I will win or anything, but I really love getting all the feedback on my entries, etc, and seeing if I even get any votes! Last contest I got 7 votes, but hey- 7 is 7!  The dress has to have been made within July 1st and August 31st (tomorrow), so I have a couple of options, or I could make something today/tomorrow (?!?!)

Here are my already made options:
McCalls 5793

New Look 6066

I actually like the first dress  (A) the best, but dress B has more details I think- the straps, crossover bodice, and inverted pleat pockets (LOVE these!)

inverted pleat pocket!
crossover bodice. trim embellishment!

ORRRRRR, I have a couple other patterns I could probably work out by tomorrow night (since I have a light schedule the next couple days.) Here are my other thoughts/options:

If anyone cares enough to look closely, the links are New Look 6577, I'd make View C, or New Look 6972, I'd make View B (big pic) using some contrasting fabrics for yoke/pockets.

Thoughts?! Okay, so (I mean sew), of the FIRST 2 since those are DONE and I KNOW I can enter one- which should I pick?????  And *if* I have time and finish one of the others, which should it be, or should I bother? I am kinda leaning toward attempting New Look 6577 (above left) View C since it has all the pintucks, rounded yoke, buttons, etc. I might even use the skirt from another view?

Let me know what you think! If no one responds, I'll just go with my gut, though I may do that anyway. I am a woman! :)

Happy Monday all!


  1. Tough choice, both are darling! Dress B is gets my vote.

  2. ooh, this is tough. I love dress A but dress B does have more details...and it's all about the details in these contests, right?!? If you made another one, I think I'd go with New Look 6972. I love those pockets.