Thursday, August 11, 2011

I think it needs rosettes!?

Lately Kara has really gotten into picking out fabric for her dresses. She actually *likes* going to fabric stores and even gets the "gimmies" as I call it, asking me to buy fabric for her! The other ladies shopping usually are giggling, because it is kinda cute in an annoying "gimmie gimmie" kinda way. The floral fabric in the dress below she INSISTED we buy, and though it wouldn't have been my first pick, I love how it turned out! This is McCalls 5793:

She LOVES bows in the back! Oh, and if you look
closely you'll notice I used a dark fuschsia
thread to sew in the zipper. That was a total blonde
moment, but you know what, the zipper went in
easily and lined up at the yoke/bodice, so oh well! Actually I think you can't tell in this pic which means it's not that obvious, so who cares! :)

I started to add the underskirt with tulle as in the pattern pic (actually I wasn't going to do a full skirt as it's TOO HOT HERE, but was going to do an under ruffle), but it just looked silly (too much!) and I ripped it out. I still feel it needs something, maybe it needs the 3 fabric rosettes (or pretty buttons) in the middle of the little waistband? I think so! I either  need to order some more of that fabric (I'm out!,) unless I find some darker fuchsia that would work and contrast the waistband :)

The cool thing about this dress is that I also used my new serger on it!!! It was my first project where I also incorporated serging, and I am lovin' it! Such nice neat insides, and FAST.  I did the side seams of the dress in one step- serged the seam which finished the seams at the same time. I don't see why not- it didn't need fitting, so why should I sew THEN serge to finish the seams?! I think I'll just keep pink thread on the serger for a while ;)

OH- and I got all crazy and finally learned how to use my ruffler foot (back to the sewing machine, not the serger)- LOVE IT. Why did I not use this previously?!!???!!!  Oh yeah, because I had to watch a bunch of youtube videos to figure it out, that's why! :) I am so thankful to people who take the time to make tutorials and post them! If anyone wants the link to the tutorials I watched, let me know and I'll look them up, though it really took more than one for me to see all my errors. Maybe *I* need to make one ;) Anyway, I'm seeing some tiered ruffle skirts and dresses on the agenda!   

Look at those perfect gathers that I didn't have to do by hand!!!

Thanks for reading and three cheers for floral fabric, sergers, and rufflers! :) I'll post an update when I add the rosettes (or whatever!) :)

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  1. Beautiful, my basic machine does not have a ruffler foot, first time I have heard of it! Contrasting color would be great on the waist, buttons maybe?