Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Sewing Space...New Sewing Attitude!

Wow! I haven't updated here since May of 2010! No, I didn't stop sewing and move to a new hobby...I just got BUSY and posted a bunch of sewing pics to Facebook to people who probably thought I was a sewing psycho. Anyway, I've decided to try this sewing blog thing again, since at least I know whoever reads this might actually sew or care about sewing, or just care about me. Or find this in a random search and become captivated ;)

My latest and probably last major summer project was to revamp my sewing space, AKA storage space, since my sewing machine has actually been taking up space on the dining room table for a year or so now, rather than this supposed sewing space I have upstairs! The room which I revamped was an office/ sewing room/multipurpose storage room that really was scary and unappealing to go in, nonetheless, actually sew in. Soooooo, moved out some furniture, moved in some furniture, painted, sweated, sanded, painted again, sweated a lot (it's 100 degrees here in TX!!!!!!!!), made a valance, hubby made me the pegboard of my dreams (LOVE IT!)), tried to get organized without spending a fortune....and here we have it!  I eventually want to replace the plastic shelves, bins, etc, and need to find a nice way to store my fabric, but's a HUGE improvement, and I'm excited. Without further ado...

In the pic below, you'll see on the left some half size filing boxes where I sorted and am storing my patterns. They are actually cardboard (and CHEAP!) but I covered the fronts with some scrapbook paper and I think they look pretty cute! The patterns fit in there really well, so I am pleased. Especially, because, as I mentioned- they were CHEAP!

Okay (taking bug gulp)'s my before pic!

I still am going to figure out a way to organize all my fabric, and I'm thinking of trying an idea I read HERE....maybe that will be my next update to my blog...since I WILL update ;)


  1. I love it! You did fantastic! Now on to Project Runway!!

  2. Welcome back! Your space looks lovely.