Monday, March 29, 2010

Mini Wardrobe Contest

I am currently participating in the "Mini Wardrobe" contest on The point of this contest is to make 4 pieces that can make 4 different outfits.  Here is my plan/storyboard (you are encouraged to make one, so don't think I did this all just out of my overflowing creativity or anything):

The contests DO get voted on for a "winner" but it is really also just for the experience, comments, challenge, etc.  I am trying to sew things right now that will be good transition pieces because I am TRYING to lose 10ish lbs. :) So I didn't want anything too fitted especially on the bottom. So far  I have made the black jersey skirt and the dress. Here's the skirt (easy!!!) I was wearing a sports bra in this pic, so I look kinda misshapen, but oh well! It's hard to see the details, but this actually has a low waistband, and 2 seams down the front- I think it will be a functional piece, and I needed a black skirt!

Next up, I made the dress. This was made out of ITY Jersey which is a soft 4-way stretch jersey. It was my first time sewing on this type of material and it presented it's challenges (ie I almost cut it all up out of frustration!). I will post more details about my adventures sewing on stretch fabric later!

You know, I had Bill take this picture of me after I had just exercised...what's up with that? I must feel extra skinny after I take a walk, but really, next time I think I'll try it when I am looking a little cuter ;) I will take more pics later with shoes, accessories, etc for the actual contest entry!

Now that the project is DONE, I do like this dress, but I had some major struggles with the hems/edges (getting them to look neat and not roll, especially the neck). I will document this in my next post for those who care! :) So what do you think? Is this print too crazy? I really love it actually. This was my first time TRYING to match up a pattern (as in the pattern on the material, not the actual garment pattern) and I think I did pretty good. I did end up making 3 sets of sleeves because I couldn't figure out which was the front, etc, hahaha. The back isn't matched up as well (ok, not really at all) but I don't know if I could have gotten it ALL to line up, unless I cut out more pieces than the dress pattern (the actual garment pattern) called for? The border at the bottom looks straight- so I am happy! :) If you care about any of the other changes I made in the pattern you can click and read my review here: Pattern Review

I'm working on a muslin (practice run) for the jacket right now! I don't want to mess up my's a really cool color, etc (and was SUPER cheap!) and I want it to fit right. There's also no more of it at Walmart :)

Thanks for reading :)

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