Monday, March 29, 2010

First sewing blog post!!!!

:) Well here it is! My first sewing blog post! I know it's thrilling ;) I've been a sewing maniac ever since my class last summer (thanks Emily!), and I decided I want to write and share my experiences. I know SOMEONE cares out there. Right?! Right?! :)

I plan on adding in photos of things I've made, as well as a link to the reviews I post on I also want to compile the links to sewing tutorials, etc, that I have found helpful.

Feel free to ask me questions, give me pointers, or just tell me something is pretty or ugly. Well, possibly refrain from the ugly comments unless I just want you to laugh with me. The new term I just learned last week is "wadder" (something that doesn't turn out right!) and hopefully I won't have too many of those. Sewing for Kara hasn't led to any wadders really (knock on wood) since I don't have to do much to fit her (she's 3 if you are a random person reading this blog!). If I do more sewing for me, I anticipate some wadders. For some reason the word wadder makes me think of cow udders. Hmmm.

Anyway! Thanks for reading, and I will be posting soon about my latest project and what I am working on now! :)

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